Sunday, February 24, 2008


Sunday 24th Feb
After feeding the birds, I set up for the first badger watch of the year. At this time of the year the young will have just been born and although still safely underground, the adult boars will try their luck with the now possibly receptive sows. It can make for interesting and noisy badger watching! If any mating does occur the fertilised eggs go into diapause and will not start developing until December. Unfortunately, tonight there was no sign of badgers until it was almost too dark to see them but I was lucky to see and hear 2 or 3 scratching (as usual) and crunching through branches around the sett.
While sitting waiting for the badgers, I had a buzzard coming into roost in one of the old oaks being closely followed and mobbed by carrion crows. I also heard at least two male tawny owls calling through the wood. It's a good experience to sit and let the night take over from the day in a wood. It's the shift changeover; the daytime animals come in to roost as the night shift emerges.

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